"The best picture is the one you will never be able to capture."

Laetitia Heisler, a French-German self-taught analog photographer, invests considerable time in capturing and developing images in the darkroom. Specializing in various double exposure techniques (Instant, 35mm, and 120 formats), she adds a distinct touch by self-portraiture—exposing the film twice, sometimes with months or years between exposures.

Analog Forever Magazine

Lomography Magazine

Lomography Magazine
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Lomography Magazine

Online exhibition : "Art of Illusion - Analog Forever Magazine currated by L.Toboz"
Exhibition at Pack und Schnack - Niebüll (Germany) : 10.3.23
Digital exhibition at Akron Gallery - Trondheim (Norway) : 7. to 30.4.2023
Group exhibition at Analog Art Photography - Leipzig (Germany) : 1.03 - 15.03.24
Group exhibition "INNER WORLD" at Boomer Gallery - London (UK) : 8.03 - 14.03.24

double exposure workshop at khrome - hamburg (germany) : 17.06.23
double exposure workshop at khrome - hamburg (germany) : 11.11.23

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