"The best picture is the one you will never be able to capture."

Laetitia Heisler, a french-german artist currently based in northern Germany, creates surrealistic photographs using old analog cameras and darkroom techniques. Through double exposures and by exploring the extremes of the development process, Laetitia aims to push the boundaries of photography to create visually stunning, psychedelic, expressionistic, and sometimes disturbing imagery.

Her work is not merely about achieving beauty and perfection, but rather about capturing the essence of human experience in this natural and virtual world. Laetitia's photographs invite viewers into a world where reality intertwines with imagination, where imperfections become elements of intrigue, and where emotions are laid bare. With each image, she invites contemplation and introspection, challenging viewers to explore the depths of their own existence.

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Group exhibition "Nature" at Glasgow Gallery of Photography (UK) : 3.08 - 14.09.24
Group exhibition "Yellow" at Glasgow Gallery of Photography (UK) : 4.07 - 31.07.24
Group virtual exhibition "Shadows" at Royal Blue Gallery (UK) : 15.03 - 12.04.23
Group exhibition "Inner World" at Boomer Gallery - London (UK) : 8.03 - 14.03.24
Group exhibition at Analog Art Photography - Leipzig (Germany) : 1.03 - 25.03.24
Digital exhibition at Akron Gallery - Trondheim (Norway) : 7. to 30.4.2023
Duo exhibition at Pack und Schnack - Niebüll (Germany) : 10.3.23
Online exhibition : "Art of Illusion - Analog Forever Magazine currated by L.Toboz"

double exposure workshop at khrome - hamburg (germany) : 17.06.23
double exposure workshop at khrome - hamburg (germany) : 11.11.23

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