"I think that a good photograph can tell you something different each time you look at it."

Laetitia Heisler, French-German analog photographer, based in Nordfriesland (Northern Germany).
Most of my work is focused on analog double exposures, using 35mm, 120, and instant formats as a medium to express my vision of our inner world. My goal is to continuously experiment with various unconventional techniques during my shoots and in the darkroom in order to create expressive and original pictures. In addition to my artistic research, I offer professional analog photography services to clients, with an experimental approach that resonates with artists, especially musicians seeking strong visuals for their albums. Drawing from my experience in a rock band, I understand the importance of originality for album covers. However, I also engage in more conventional black & white photography for weddings, events, and other people who want exceptional hand-printed pictures with a vintage touch!

lomography 20.01.2021

alter analog 21.08.2022
lomography 19.09.2022
tv apparition decembre 2022
lomography 08.11.2023

online exhibition : "art of illusion - analog forever magazine currated by l.toboz"
exhibition at pack und schnack - niebüll (germany) : 10.3.23
digital exhibition at akron gallery - trondheim (norway) : 7. to 30.4.2023

double exposure workshop at khrome - hamburg (germany) : 17.06.23
double exposure workshop at khrome - hamburg (germany) : 11.11.23

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